A young woman who had just married a Greenville native and moved to the area was nervous to see the dentist her new husband’s family had seen for over two decades. When she walked into Dr. Watson’s office, she was astonished when the dental assistant, dental hygienist, and patient coordinator wanted to hear the details of her wedding before she had even told them her name. Dr. Watson’s team members were thrilled to be adding another member to their dental family.

This is just one story, but this kind of warm welcome happens every day in Dr. Watson’s office. It’s hospitality that you have to see to believe! We all want the same things from our health care providers – state-of-the-art knowledge and equipment, a strong sense of ethics, and the respect of peers within the community – but any dentist can claim to provide them.

That’s why we’ve asked our patients to say a few words about what sets us apart from other dental offices:

From Sam Kelly

“Dr. Watson and his staff are the best.  He runs his office much like I run my own. Dr. Watson’s team understands customer service.  I still remember the Saturday almost 20 years ago when my crown came lose. I barely knew Dr. Watson at the time.  When I called him on the phone and told him what had happened, he replied, “Meet me at the office in 15 minutes!” We have been friends ever since.  Dr. Watson and I also share a love for families who have been stricken by cancer. We pray for them and help them in any way we can…this tells you about a person’s heart.”

From Dorsey Ward, Greenville native and mother of three

 “There are two reasons the words from the ‘Cheers’ theme song come to mind when I think of David Watson’s dental practice.  The lyrics of that song would best describe a visit to Dr. Watson’s office because ‘Doc’ is always glad to see you, and he has the most welcoming and friendly staff to greet you and take care of you while you are in their care.  Everyone there goes above and beyond during office hours and after office hours to give you the best dental care you could ask for. 

The other reason this song came to mind when thinking of a visit to the office because it’s a rare occasion if you can make it though your entire visit without hearing Doc sing one of his favorite tunes as he walks from patient to patient. It’s not your average dental visit, where just the thought of going makes you cringe; it truly is a place to experience joy, happiness, and beautiful teeth!  The lyrics say it best: ‘Be glad there’s one place in the world / where everybody knows your name / and they’re always glad you came!’”

From A.J. Gravley, 9-year-old

“Dr. Watson is a kind and funny person.  His workers are nice.  He gives me a pin with my name on it.  You get a free toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and a bouncy ball when you are finished.”

We are proud of what we provide to our patients – a level of care that is always a step above what is required. Any treatment suggested to you as a patient is the same treatment that Doc would recommend to his family members.

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